Druckwe are very proud to announce that we won this year´s ICONIC Award for the Gaggenau booth on Cologne´s  LivingKitchen

The Iconic Awards is the first neutral international architecture and design competition that focuses on how the disciplines interact.

It acknowledges visionary architecture, innovative products and sustainable communication from all fields of architecture, the construction and property sectors and the manufacturing industry.

As such the competition shines the spotlight on the elementary significance of the interaction of individual disciplines. It centres on the integrated and consistence presentation of products in architecture.
The subtitle – the whole world of architecture – is the name of the game. For iconic architecture is only conceivable in a system in which nothing is given over to chance. Here, a love of details, materials and furnishing elements is equally important as the building itself. But the contest thinks further: Architecture communicates the position and ideas of developers and architects. Which is why architecture communication is also a component of the competition.

Last but not least, this competition seeks to acknowledge those people who with their work make our world more beautiful and help increase people’s quality of life: We honour the icons of our day.


find here the link to the publication