The new Aesop store of Copenhagen is located within the lively quarter of Nyhavn. Narrow streets flanket with buildings wich partly reach back to the end of the 16th century painted in various bright colours tell not only about the cities open and friendly mentality but also about the open spirit of harbours where vessels connect the local with the world and open a platform for the exchange of goods and culture. Where today tourists enjoy the colourful promenade and vintage ships, in earlier days the quarter of Nyhavn soon filled with red lanterns and dark inns and taverns crowded with strandet sailors spinning their yarn about their adventures, the endless sea, their mystic creatures and the secrets of the unknown. 

Embedded in the old building structure of Nyhavn the Aesop store is located in the 40 square meters ground-floor of a recently renovated building from the end of the 17th century.
We designed the main space inspired by the context of the surrounding structures colours and details. The floor from handmade and fire burned yellow bricks. The screed of the walls lively structured.  While monochromatic colours and materials of the L shaped space merges with the idea of the surrounding the two main furniture with their organic shaped outline and their rich and shiny polished new-silver surface decent from a different time and origin and appear as rather autonomous intruders. 

The tension between the existing, perpendicular space and the free shaped wooden furnitures reflect not only on the constant exchange of known and unknown within the harbours environment but also creates the aesthetic momentum between fine balanced elements of the of the monochrome materials and colours cosmos. 

The back wall of the store is defined by the strong physical appearance of a brown beige woven wool fabric from a local manufacturer creating a warm and welcoming ambient.
Vintage elements from local origins link the spacial design with the rich design history of Copenhagen.