Aesop’s first signature store in Nuremberg is an understated but elegant space of 40 square metres situated on Fleischbrücke, which links the new town with the historic city centre. It was designed in-house by Aesop, and executed by design studio einszu33. 

Viewed from the street, framed by a symmetrical façade, the space appears almost as a cinematic tableau. The custom-made timber point-of-sale, bench and storage cabinets form a spatial narrative that draws the eye through the store. Subtle textural contrasts—including screed concrete, velvet, and rusty iron—invite tactile exploration and realise a sense of refined domesticity. 

A large demonstration sink with lacquered façades and rounded, generous corners anchors the store. A long shelving unit of raw waxed metal stretches along the left-hand side of the space, while storage cabinets of brush-painted wood lines the opposite wall. These modest, functional elements are contrasted by the sumptuous velvet, visible from the pavement outside, that swathes a wall behind the display window.