Beko´s 3rd participation at Berlin´s IFA in 2013 has proved to be a further milestone for the turkish homeappliances brand. The 1200 sqm booth was designed by einszu33 in order to express the global relevance of the brand as well as the close link with their consumers.

The concept title “Inspired” stands for Beko´s aspiration to follow global trends on the one side but also listening carefully to individuals on the other side. “Inspired” expresses openness, flexibility and integrity – key attributes of an upcoming brand which is clearly in a process of transformation towards being one of the global key players in the white goods industry.

The booth design is characterised by merging global and individual aspects on eye level in front of the consumers.

The top part of the hall was fitted with large scale LED panels, featuring a sky with moving clouds over a white ribbon which connects and frames the key presentation areas. Each of those areas is dedicated to one particular theme such as energy, design, live experience, awarded products and steam. Inbetween these areas, the regular range of products is displayed devided in product groups like dish washing, cooling, washing and cooking. The displays are highlighted by large scale backlit images which feature the key characteristics of the products in a human and emotional way.

The center of the booth is a campus-like recreation area with felt-covered decks that offer space for a rest within the booth that is densely inhabited by the fair visitors. Three pine trees and the sound of twittering birds give a sense of nature underneath the digital sky, generating a relaxed and natural atmosphere which is highly appreciated by the visitors.

As a result, the brand and product presentation was settled on the crossroads of technology and nature, inbetween global and individual concerns, offering a mixture of sophisitcated presentation and relaxed inhabitation of the booth. The concept is a powerful statement, allowing the consumers a high degree of identification with Beko´s key messages.