The Highline. 

Beko´s 4th presentation at Berlin`s IFA 2014 symbolized the self-conception of this brand to express its global relevance as well as the close link with their consumer. 

Backround of this self-conception is the knowledge, that the world is changing faster than ever. This situation has brad a new geneartion that is becoming ever more aware and increasingly challenging traditional values. Because they know that everything they do impacts the enviroment and the people who share the world. They strive to protect the health of our shared ecosystem and forge a responsible world economy. This generation believes that sustainability can open new doors of opportunity. Individually and collectively, they are launching smart projects, socially and ecologically responsible projects that are conciously designed to delvier essential ecosystems functionality and, as such, to sustain the well-being of future generations. They have the power, the passion and the potential to bring about change that benefits us all. This ist the smart generation and the inspiration of Beko.

The world of Beko, with a booth surface of nearly 1800 sqm only for the consumer area – was presented in a livable context which is defined by the people. As inspiration for this purpose stands the Highline in New York, a public park built by citizens on a historic freight rail line. 

On the booth the fair visitors experienced an urban landscape determined by architectural structures and elements of „urban gardening“.  They crossed on this highline a planted roof landscape with bekeeper elements, a live cooking station, the sustainability area, a lash planted urban gardening area with real tomatoes, egg plants, etc., the award zone and the inspiration campus, a zone inspired by a social art project based in brasil. 

The center of the booth was a campus – like recreation area with felt-covered decks that offer space for a rest within the booth that was densely inhabited by the fair visitors. Three pine trees and the sound of twittering birds gave a sense of nature, generating a relaxed and natural atmosphere which was highly appreciated by the visitors. 

These natural areas, also combined with presentation of the products, took turns with the productpresentation, which are shown as part of our daily lives in a more technical atmosphere, making a point in their functionality and environmental friendliness. 

The visitor experienced a most warmly and enjoyable surrounding, combined with exciting and playful product stagings and the brand Beko was recognized as an innovative and responsible brand with a strong focus on the needs of people´s everyday lives.