With the stand at IFA Berlin 2015 we concluded a design triad for Beko which had started in 2013 – with a conglomerate of architectural and urban elements as a set up, as well as social interactions in urban environments being the inspiration.

Enclosed rooms create moments of focus and hospitality while open places and the sky like panels above generate a notion of public recreation zones.

The urban and social aspects remained within the concept from IFA 2014 but merged on a much larger scale of more than 1.700 sqm – an urban park, inspired by the New York “Highline”, where activity areas for the visitors participation are placed next to areas of information and contemplation.

The design inspiration of this years Beko booth transforms the recreational aspects of the former concept into megacity structures: Narrow volumes next to open spaces, housing areas of technical product display, resembling large shopping windows, and a balanced sequence of zones for social interaction, sports and recreation span a variety of urban architectural elements.

These moments of recreation spent underneath the green, living trees in the center of the booth communicate the brands values – as memorable as the numer ous technical expositions.