With the stand for Beko at the IFA 2016 we completed a series of four design concepts which were based on one lead concept – the urban environment. 

The series started in 2012 capturing the spacial qualities of an urban quarter with small squares in close connection to peoples’ homes. An open-minded, friendly atmosphere under the blue sky. Over the next two years our focus went further from urban gardens into to the beating heart of mega cites. In collaboration with Patricia Urquiola we designed the new IFA environment for Beko within an area of more than 2.600 m2. 

In 2016, we found our way back into the quiet family-oriented neighborhoods. Here, where people share the pleasures of the everyday life, where family homes merge with gardens and public playgrounds lies the heart of the Beko communication. „Beko – Partner of the everyday“. While the product exhibition was situated within the individual light and privacy of family homes the technical installations seemed like large shopping windows next to the public park full of luscious bamboo-plants and green lawns to rest and contemplate. 

In addition to the 1.780 m2 of the customer area, we designed 1000 m2 of the trade zone in which buyers meet Beko as a business partner.
Between the brick-walls, a textile covered wooden pergola and a large number of flowerpots and plants, fair business seemed like sheer pleasure.