At the 15th edition of Langenthal’s renowned Designers‘ Saturday, Brunner presents a complete makeover of the Crona chair family, which attracts attention not only for its enhanced design but also for its exceptional color scheme. In a playful approach, the five color themes are brought to life within an extraordinary installation, using so-called „color capsules“, composed of different sized grain silos.

These corrugated-iron silos are arranged as ready-mades throughout the space and seem rather familiar between the existing machinery of the metal workshop within the Girsberger factory. The openings are rotated against each other, in order to provide the visitor with unexpected insights of the colorful multi-tier cake-like arrangements of the Crona chair models.

The staging illustrates the fresh, young facet of the Brunner brand, which is currently undergoing a generational change. In this context, the product range is brought to a new level by adapting to the needs and aspirations of the consumers in a more and more sophisticated way.