Beko IFA 2014

Beko’s 4th presentation at Berlin’s IFA 2014 symbolized the brand’s global relevance and sought to reinforce the im- portance of creating close links to consumers. The world
of Beko – boasting a booth surface of nearly 1,800 square meters – was presented in a livable context. The project was inspired by the High-Line in New York, a public park built on an historic freight rail line.

In the booth, visitors experienced an urban landscape deter- mined by architectural structures and elements of “urban gardening”, including a planted roof landscape with beekeep- er elements, a live cooking station, the sustainability area, a lush planted urban gardening area with tomatoes, egg plants, etc., the award zone and the inspiration campus at the center

of the booth. The project was conceptualized as a recreation area with felt-covered decks that offered space for a rest and was popular with visitors. Three pine trees and the sound of twittering birds gave a sense of nature, generating a relaxed and natural atmosphere. These natural areas alternated with the product presentation areas, which exhibited a design

of everyday use in a more technical atmosphere, emphasiz- ing functionality and environmental friendliness. The visitor experienced enjoyable surroundings, combined with excit- ing and playful product stages. Beko was recognized as an innovative and responsible brand with a strong focus for the needs of people’s everyday lives. 


Read more in Compendium of Landscape Architecture, published by BRAUN, ISBN 978-3-03768-219-7