The Dressler Papeterie, a  family-run business, is located in the main shopping arcade of Grünwald, an expensive and fashionable suburb of Munich.It offers high-quality paper products and desk accessories.

The surface of the timber boards has affinities with the surface of specialist papers, while the clarity with which the boards are assembled has the simplicity and precision of carefully folded paper. The perfection of the finished assembly demonstrates the advantages of recognizing and respecting a material’s natural capacities.

Wooden boards, 300mm (113⁄4in.) wide and of varying lengths, with 1mm (1⁄25in.)-wide joints, are used throughout for floors, new areas of wall and furniture units. Horizontal and vertical joints line through precisely to suggest that boards are ribbons that run across floors and over furniture without interruption. When boards are reorientated through 90 degrees, the weaving of verticals and horizontals defines areas within the plan.


published by Laurence King

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