If you have shared the opinion “a dog cannot run a paper store” we are happy to widen your mind.

Word has it that Urmel, the elegant dachshund lady rules the store in the shopping arcade of Grünwald, home of Munich’s sparkling society.

And indeed, when entering Dressler’s Papeterie a wagging tail arises underneath the presentation counters towards you to give a wet but friendly welcome. You have to bend down quite far to stroke the tousled and unique spiky hair on the little dog’s head, which made it already on the company logo in first round.

Straightened up again you recognize that the flooring, thick wooden Douglas floorboards follow the view up with you, lean over the presentation counter, interweave with each other by moving up and down, you will find the presentation tables emerging from floor elements and the shelving along the wall framed with vertical planks.

The attention to detail allowed a specific and individual handling with the different products. All that has helped to create an extraordinary but simple language to form a balanced and adequate surrounding. The resulting interior design is spectacular but contained to emphasize the wide and colourful range of products.  

Urmel disappears in her integrated dog’s hut behind the counter to await the next client.