GAGGENAU Restaurant 1683 

Although the guests invited by the household appliance manufacturer Gaggenau were right in Manhattan, they appeared to be sitting in the midst of the Black Forest. No wonder, as the Munich company, which is named after where it was founded in the Murgtal at the foot of the Black Forest, enabled guests to experience the homeland atmosphere with all the senses. The occasion was the 333rd anniversary year, which was introduced in 2016 with a three- year campaign and a series of events. it opened with the “Gaggenau Restaurant 1683” – a pop-up restaurant in the new York ArtBeam Gallery conceived by einszu33. As a kind of journey through time, guests were welcomed here in the entrance area by the three-dimensional image of a floor-to- ceiling cuckoo clock, as well as three women in traditional Black Forest costume. This led directly to a cocktail reception. A real smith worked in the setting that was intended to evoke a forge. 

The actual dinner started after the guests had stepped through a black curtain. A short, mirrored hallway with floor- to-ceiling waterfalls led them to the main room, where they appeared to be right amidst the Black Forest. Tree trunks and moss formed the centre of the room, with the tranquil sounds of babbling water and the twittering of birds accompanying the setting. The air was fresh and foggy, light fell like rays of sunshine through high trees in the room. The smell of earth and wood rounded off the scenario. At six stations right by the tables, chefs instructed by the three-star chef Daniel humm used Gaggenau appliances to prepare a menu with the hearty, earthy tastes of the Black Forest. 

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Read more in Event Design Yearbook 2017/18, published by avedition ISBN 978-3-89986-270-6