Contrasting  its neighbouring booths, Gaggenau presents itself in a genuine factory setting, showcasing not only the finished appliances but also giving an insight into their production. The bold, authentic factory-style design shows the new products in amongst machinery, packagaing  materials and pallets.

Approaching the stand, the visitor cannot miss the two metre high and 15 metre long company logo assembled on a construction representing the facade of a factory, which was dismantled from the production factory in Lipsheim especially for the event. A long bar constructed of solid-coloured black MDF boards resting upon a row of europalettes stretches along beneath the characters.

An imitation of a factory production line clasps the stand in a c-shape around the bar area. Standing next to an original large press machine the visitor hears the thud of the press in operation in a so-called ,sound shower‘. On the opposite wall original pallet cages are stacked upon each other, exhibiting various objects from the factory, e.g. individual appliance components or packaging material. Perpendicularly aligned in the centre the new products   built into solid-coloured black wall elements can be admired.

At the back of the 280 sqm stand the final stages of production and transport are represented with original packaging boxes towering  on the immitation of a typical factory flooring with yellow traffic lane markings.