Once a year, the city of Löhne, in northern Germany, gains centre staged as „kitchen metropolis“. 
From 2017 on, Gaggenau presents itself, within the most world known brands for kitchen furniture and appliances, with its wide range of appliances in an unprecedented overview.
Hosted in the house4kitchen, right after entering the space, the visitors perceive the origins of the brand: an oversized and abstracted cuckoo clock invites to tread into the exhibition. Founded 1683 in the Black Forest, Gaggenau has developed from an iron mill to an international known supplier of german precise technology for the private kitchen. This history is displayed within a showcase for historical exhibits and a full-sized image of the founder Markgraf von Baden, which lead the way to the present, the latest home appliances.
The 335 sqm open space is divided into two areas, each dedicated to one series of appliances, with an adjacent zone for special display and experience. In the center, the space opens for a big rack which serves both series and shows additional historical exhibits. 
Due to the zoning by the display walls, the visitors are clearly guided and can stride through the sequence of different spaces. Some set perspectives allow a glimpse into the next space and emphasise the difference between the two series, perceptible via the different design and use of distinct colors and materiality, underlining the claim „Gaggenau is the difference“.