Gaggenau showed a look behind the scenes and presented itself in the sense of the brand identity authentic, uncompromising and extraordinary. In the context of an artistically modified factory-environment the production process and the quality standard in terms of finishing and materials are shown. A multi-layered experience of the brand Gaggenau and its products is shown in the 310 sqm sized stand. The exhibition is divided into three issues: production, experience of the appliances and real treat.

A five meter high construction of IPE steel profiles, with integrated profiled construction glass, holds the fifteen meter long company logo, an original artefact from the Gaggenau production factory.

A set out of different high and long displays present the appliances on the stand. Acrylic boxes allow a look behind the scenes and display technical details of the products. Selective set-in media technology support the presentation of the new products. So is shown to the visitor, for example, the distribution of heat on the new full surface induction cooktop with the  transmission of a thermal imaging camera.

The area of the steel construction is dedicated according to wine tastings and indulgence. A stack of massive oak planks serves as a tasting bar for a daily changing collection of fine wines.