The Gaggenau Showroom is located within an innovative ‚cradle to cradle‘ building.

The L-shaped space is divided in to the following five sub-spaces: Heritage, Evolution, Dining, Lounge and Wine, separated by charcoal coloured display furniture and supplemented by a window wall, featuring the new full-service induction cooktop CX 480.

After entering the showroom, on the left hand side, the visitor learns of the company‘s history by taking a look through the peepholes incorporated in the wooden heritage wall. On the right hand side, the evolution of the Gaggenau appliances is demonstrated in a row of four show cases. These are set on tracks and can be moved by rotating a wheel at the side. The exhibited pieces give an interesting insight in to the development of the high level  appliances.

In addition to these special features, the dining area provides the ideal backdrop for live cooking events, while Gaggenau‘s wine culture can be enjoyed in a more secluded area at the rear of the showroom.