Beijings 270 sqm large Gaggenau showroom has a oblong shaped space and is divided into four sub-spaces, each serving their individual function and separated by charcoal coloured display furniture.

Entering the showroom, the visitor meets a massive 8m long wall, a so called ghost wall, which not only prevents ghosts to enter the Showroom, but rather neutralizes the visitor before entering the Gaggenau Space. On the other side the visitor learns of the company‘s history by taking a look through the peepholes incorporated in the wooden heritage wall.

Six display walls separating back to back the different Gaggenau spaces and show the variaty of the high quality kitchen appliances. In addition 2 counter display the cooking series of the Gaggenau Appliances.

A special feature is located in the lounge area – a furniture out of massive oak wood boards is designed as a case structure. The cases allow space for the german-chinese cultural exchange.

The interaction of the materials on the appliances (aluminium, stainless steel) and the finish and colour of the presentation walls is crucial to the design. A combination of direct and indirect lighting underlines the duality of foreground and background in a natural manner.

In addition to these special features, the dining area provides the ideal backdrop for live cooking events, while Gaggenau‘s wine culture can be enjoyed in a more secluded area at the rear of the showroom.