In the heart of the Bosporus, in-between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the leading city for trade, culture, finance and Media.

BSH has been established in the 1990′s in this pulsing city and since September 2011 presents its premium brand Gaggenau in a brand new showroom in the Istanbul Sapphire, the highest residential building not only of the city but of entire Europe.

 Located on the 34th floor of this aspiring building, overlooking the stunning skyline on the one hand and the Bosporus on the other, Gaggenau offers since September 2011 the opportunity of experiencing the brand’s world with its products, tradition, history and innovation.

Featuring the appliances, the corporate architecture and high end cooperational partners, the turkish tradition is been reflected in the ceiling design by laser-cut copper sheets that show a traditional ornament, standing for wealth and prosperity.