After eight years of having worked on the design of Gaggenau Showrooms around the globe, in 2014 the moment had finally come to start a project in our hometown. Located on ground level inside Munich’s „Arabeska“ an up-to-date office complex, Gaggenau is presented in a uniquely exposed way, well visible from afar. Backed by conferencing and training facilities and accompanied by the associated brands Siemens, Bosch and Neff, it’s a new showcase for the brand in Germany.

The 220 mÇ sized space combines the requirements of displaying the Gaggenau appliances in an architectural context, offering opportunities to learn about technical aspects and use of the products and being able to celebrate culinary culture in an excellent way. When playing a home match, the aspect of creating a dialogue between the brand’s origin and the cultural background of the showroom destination becomes quite delicate. By introducing some strong representatives from the „Schwarzwald“ in shape of eleven Douglas Pine logs and grouping those vertically behind the floor to ceiling glass facade, the 44 heart of the space was formed and the place for a large 20-person dinner table dramatically set.

To complete the centre of the space, a live kitchen was arranged behind a 6 m long preparation counter with a monolithic stainless steel countertop. The adjacent exhibition areas are densely packed, displaying exciting combinations and built-in solutions for the Gaggenau appliances, framed by architectural materials.

The overall arrangement of the space is dominated by large wall areas, using reclaimed wood and cabinetry in anthracite grey, combined with stone slabs and stainless steel. To enhance the customer experience, the space is equipped with furniture, lighting and multimedia devices by Gaggenau’s appreciated partner brands, playing german-ness at its best.