The Gaggenau showroom´s sophisticated lifestyle architecture interweaves the city’s unique coffee and wine culture into its design.

Stone, wood, glass, aluminium and stainless steel are used throughout the 133 m2 space, which is divided into three sections. The Masterpiece Area imparts a sense of Gaggenau’s history via the heritage wall and forms an exhibition space for like-minded, craft-orientated, traditional brands, currently silversmiths Robbe & Berking.

The next room, a parquet oak floor, hand-finished stucco ceiling and an elaborate ten-arm Maria Theresa chandelier of Swarovski crystals signify the entry into the unique coffee houses of Vienna. In stark contrast, oven and cooktop appliances are integrated into a  stone worktop. This juxtaposition of the angular and the ornate is best appreciated during cooking and training events, when it comes alive with the celebration of culinary culture.

The final room is dedicated to fine wine with wine climate cabinets built in to a local limestone wall. The feature wall reflects the different wine regions of the country, integrating a little showcase for each of them.