The „Genusswerkstatt“ of Seehotel Überfahrt creates a suspensful complement to the hotel concept, which implies the culinary of dining on the highest standard. Directed by the 2-michelin star chef, Christian Jürgens, the cooking area is equipped with the appliances of the premium brand Gaggenau, which meet the claim of a top class chef.
The design concept is based on the fusion of high end culinary and multifarious local culture of the Valley of Tegernsee.

At the beginning of the cooking event, the participants assemble around a 5m long table made of jura marble, which is remindful of an ancient altar. An abstracted creek in the table stimulates the senses with its purling water running through the pebble stones and reed arrangemens.

Two cooking islands are composed of one vertical block made out of matured timber beams and a horizontal element out of jura marble. Each cooking island includes a wash station along the façade with an old stone hutch often used at the traditional farms around this area, which we used as wash basins. This kind of elements, handcraft details and original materials give the essential charisma to the Genusswerkstatt.