The fourth trade fair appearance of the firm Beko at IFA 2014 in Berlin revealed a focus on global responsibility and a close connection with the customer. It was a public park in New York that inspired this vision. The High Line was created by the city’s residents on a section of old railway. At Beko’s stand visitors could experience an urban landscape informed by a fusion of architecture and urban gardening. They were also greeted with a greened roof terrace, complete with beehives, a live cooking station, a sustainability zone, an urban gardening area filled with lush vegetation, an award zone and an “inspiration campus”, inspired by a social art project in Brazil. A recuperation zone formed the middle part of Beko’s exhibit. Three real pine trees and the sound of twittering birds conveyed the feeling of sitting in the midst of nature and generated an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

Read more in: green greener greenest, published by BRAUN ISBN 978-3-03768-212-8