Honoring Gaggenau’s 333st anniversary, the year 2016 started at the EuroCucina in Milan showcasing past, present and future of the Brand’s history within the last four centuries. Gaggenau’s evolution was illustrated, from skilled craftsmanship in the forge to engineering perfection in the private kitchen, taking the visitors along the brand’s heritage wall. The visitors were guided through a booth with the look and feel of a museum, emphasized by integrated displays common to exhibitions.

Concluding this milestone anniversary, this year´s concept for KBIS Orlando & AD Show New York is inspired by the ambience of a museum cafe, the tasteful completion of a museum visit.

The intention is to welcome the visitors into a Cafè, where the appliances are integrated as artworks, highlighting the EB 333 as masterpiece; a museums cafe, staged with a counter, in its original and contemporary form. To add a more culinary aspect and highlight the launch of the new coffee machine, the Cafè is staged as a coffee roastery.

As in the last years, Gaggenau occupies an area within the BSH brand cluster. The booth in Orlando is sized 20 x 30 ft, 600 ft2. At the AD Show in New York, the booth will be adapted in size and hosted within a square footprint of 20 x 20 ft. 

The Booth is accessible over the BSH square, next to the reception, as well as over one of the main alleys at the long side of the area. The visitors experience is different depending on wich entry he will take. Coming from the BSH Booth, the focus is on the appliances, exposing the EB 333 as masterpiece at the back wall. Intercrossing with this, the brand shows itself as Cafe to the visitors walking along the aisle. The big opening is sided with decorative racks and gives view on a counter with decorated back drop, including the new coffee machine.

Wall high Fabric Frames, with coffee imagery, are situated on both sides of the Booth towards the aisle and extend the Gaggenau Cafè in its perception to the visitors, highlighting what the Brand stands for: culinary culture and cultivated lifestyle.