The monestary of Hennef has been deconsecrated several years ago and turned into a unique event location. Since september 2012 the venue has its new highlight, located in the former the Klosterküche features organ gallery, an exciting live kitchen extended by the so-called Wein Abtei.

The architectural approach to this very particular context was first of all to introduce new objects to the space that connect to the history of the church and the rituals of the conventual life.

The backwall of the open plan kitchen is designed to substitute the organ with a monolithic objectof the same character yet with a different function.

The large counter which is placed in the centre of the space has a jura stone top that connects with the concept of an altar, simple and sublte at the same time.

The envelope to this setting is given by a fence-like arrangement of oak-louvers that seperate the Wein Abtei in order to allow for a more introverted space that is dedicated to the enjoyment of wine.