Laurèl is an internationally reknown german premium brand for women´s fashion. See • Feel • Love Laurèl is a slogan which clearly marks the emotional impact that comes with the exciting, attractive and contemporary collections of Laurèl.

The task was to design a new store concept that embodies Laurèl’s luxury ease, the feeling that comes with the collection, adressing both the strong and independant as well as the soft and feminine type. Therefore the new design reflects two seperated worlds interacting with each other. The studio-like sales area is fitted with hard surface concrete flooring combined with elegant chestnut parquet inlays for the focus areas whereas the intimate service areas have been executed in textile wall claddings, accompanied by carpet flooring and accentuated soft seating. Burnished steel fixtures give structure to the space which is being highligted by backlit fabric wall-panels and carefully selected design furniture. Visual sophistication is added to the environment through a kaleidoscopic mirror-cladding around the existing structural columns. This element creates unexpected cross-views and reflections which highlight the product.  

The overall impression creates the atmosphere of an individually designed concept store with a strong idea of curatorship which makes the store environment a real brand experience… ready to fall in Love with Laurèl?