All work space projects beginn with a intensive phase in which we get to know the client, the nature of his business, the historical background, the ways of working, the brand culture and many coworkers that build the companies main body.

Each of the 110 employees fulfills rather complex position within the company, organizing the flow of information between the many cows of bavaria, their farmers and finally the administration for agriculture. All comes together in one of first and still largest databanks of the country.

The field of action reaches between the onsite quality management for milk and meet production and the high level administration for a constantly growing digital database.

Our design concept covers 1600 sqm on four floors. Approaching the room program, colors and design themes different at each level

we developed a lively and functionally flexible working environment to reflect on the client diverse fields of action. The digital expertise found expression in strong colored patches of lounge furnitures and floor material as well as the sound absorbing back walls of niche seating and printer housings. To contrast the artificial look of the color tones, all other furnitures such as high tables and the housing of alternative work areas and leisure zones were build in the earthy tones of natural oak wood.

To be truly connected the modern digital world as much as to support traditional values stands very much for the identity of the LKV Bayern.