einszu33 was recently assigned by Mars, one of Germany‘s strongest food companies, to give their local office in Verden, where most their pet care range is being produced, an interior makeover. The guiding idea was to create a structure which works like a lively city. There are different neighbourhoods and qualities of stay, reaching from very private and informal to corporate and public. 
In addition to the standard workplaces with single tables, larger tables that seat up to 8 people were introduced, giving the employees a chance to move closer together in case the office is very busy. By doing so, more space for alternative working areas like lounges, high tables or high back sofas is generated. These areas do not only help improving the physical health of the employees, but also split the large room and keep the noise level between the workplaces to a minimum.
In addition to these alternative working areas, so-called “retreat rooms“ were introduced, to give employees a chance to withdraw completely from their traditional working environment. Since it gets more and more common that employees take part of their work home, it should be obvious that they can take care of some of their private affairs while in the office.  Therefore spaces were designed to allow for a more informal and easy atmosphere, where people can have a private conversation, make a phone call or even take a short nap. 
These measurements not only helped to improve the communication between employees but also created a working environment people can identify with and turned the plant in Verden into a far more attractive one for future employees.