The design of the building, with its views over the surrounding countryside, and the confrontation with Maschinenringe´s sphere of action in the rural environment merged to a major issue in the concept.

The “cultural landscape“, a by agriculture influenced scenery, is typical of our culture and allows us to identificate with our environment. 

This created a concept for Maschinenringe´s brand architecture and further shape for the new interiors. The materiality and themes for the design space are borrowed from the productive surroundings and its impact on the landscape.

 The highly visible and yet so unassuming tractor tracks on the fields are emblematic for the operations of Maschinenringe and stand for both, visitors as well as employees, as an invitation “to leave traces“.

 In contrast, and enriched with the key words from the corporate philosophy, a “green” wall dominates in the foyer, juts into the stairwell and shines the guiding color far visible over the land. It stands for attentive care for everything vegetable, growth and well-being.

 The surrounding topics and materials are deduced from the immediate environment of the building. The stone floor in the reception and canteen area seems withdrawn of the surrounding countryside and was actually mined in the immediate vicinity. A major contribution to sustainability. The colors and textures of the used materials seem to flow out of the landscape and thereby support the „open to the landscape“-character of the building.

 In essence, it are the public and semi-public areas which convey the brand’s values internally and externally. All the other spaces are designed according to the needs of the employees for an ideal working environment as well as a communicative and productive cooperation between them. The intention is not only to reach a strong identification with the company, especially it is to contribute to the individual well-being.