With the unique trade fair concept “A new culture of light @ The Highrise”, the Munich agency einszu33 has staged for Occhio the importance of light for the quality of life. The urban, colorful juxtaposition of living and working zones formed the inspirational space for a wide variety of lighting situations: In the imaginary skyscraper “The Highrise”, visitors of the Light + Building experienced a restaurant, business club, apartment, co-working space, rooftop garden and six completely different occhio store areas. Each of these areas were adapted to the luminaires presented in each case – and of course understand them as a coherent world. The perfect variation of lighting solutions were available for every room situation; the locations shown here are snapshots of exciting metropolitan life and cast a spell over the visitors emotionally. The portfolio of Occhio can be experienced in this way realist and thanks to innovative lighting control a completely new form of interaction. The stand also served as a meeting place for the Occhio trading partners and was therefore able to be served for special events in the functions outlined. A new culture of light – spectacularly staged and filled with real life highlighting the beauty of architecture and light.