In Munich’s Gärtnerplatzviertel, “Parfums uniques” opens a shop dedicated entirely to niche perfumes. Owner Eva Bogner sells exclusive small label products from all over the world, which are hard to come by, and are only produced in short runs and promises intense, sophisticated fragrance experiences. In the store, which the agency einszu33 designed, the story behind the carefully curated selection can be told in peace. The three zones of the store are equally inspired by the motif of the stage and the three classic phases of the scent process: the massive brass counter in the foreground conveys the presence and value of the heart note. The middle ground on which the action takes place in the theater is represented by the furniture – linoleum-coated which is displayed in powder colours: the elaborately designed bottles appear to be staged like works of art here. The top note is represented by the space that opens upwards through the lighting. The background of the shop area is a darker, intimate private room. Decorative room accessories, textile surfaces and furniture create a quiet retreat in which scented candles play the main role.