In this skincare shop, austerity and forthrightness of display become elegant; contrasts, a virtue; and empty space, intimate. Soberly mixed materials and untamed textures generate a feeling of balance and tension simultaneously: a rough concrete ceiling and screed floor find their counterpoint in polished, pale surfaces, brass floor inlays and fixtures, upholstered wooden cabinets and a textile wall in a blushing hue. Anchoring the 110 m2 shop, a massive 7 m concrete point-of-service island topped with Italian Pergamena marble and a recessed concrete washbasin becomes the heart of the store. Around this symbol of the timeless call to ablutions, clerk and client consult. Behind it, signature amber apothecary bottles line the marble slabs of barelythere metal shelving that rises on thin legs from floor-to-ceiling.

Read more in Powershop 5 – New Retail Design, published by FRAME, ISBN 978-94-91727-93-1