Aesop Signature Store Leipzig

The basis for the conception of the signature stores of Aesop is formed by an initiative collage, a text extract or a philosophical quotation which accompanies the design processes. For the store location in Leipzig, a city known for print workshops and the world’s oldest book fair, a quote from Martin Heidegger accompanied this process: “We still by no means think decisively enough about the essence of action.” 

The products made from high-quality recipes are available online, in signature stores and at Aesop counters. A careful design, that varies from location to location, is the basis for every new shop of the expanding company. An essential component of Aesop‘s international brand presentation is to evolve every kind of spatial manifestation, be it a POS counter in one of the leading department stores or one of the signature stores within a sales territory, from an individual design concept. In the 95 square metre store in Leipzig’s Nikolai Street, the idea was to incorporate traces of history in the interior. 

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Read more in RETAIL DESIGN INTERNATIONAL VOLUME 3, published by avedition ISBN 978-3-89986-275-1