Re-launch of SportScheck running department.

When it comes to serious sport equipment, SportScheck, located in the hart of Munich, certainly is the cities epicenter.

To define the line between the companies CI and the dynamic nature of running itself, the design of the 200 sqm. running department combines the abstract patterns of maps, street-signs and the real imagery of people in motion. On their way from the section „urban-running“ with its architectural choice of materials, colors and graphic elements into the „textile“ orchards and parks  6 Running mannequins „cross“ the space.

„Dynamic“ is the key design-premisses that each element transports. From the staccato rhythm of the ceiling to the graphic wall elements and the shaped stools.

The visual filter to the „running-lab“, in which customers receive a professional high-tec analysis about which product to buy, is realized by a large semi transparent map of munich, displaying the best running tracks of the citty. A platform to communicate hard-facts about the cities marathon but also a spot for munich runners to exchange experiences and insights.