Cherry blossoms, origami, bonsai and ikebana: the new spring/summer 2014 collection is an homage to the many different facets of Japanese culture. In the “land of the rising sun” the past meets the future.

Inspired by the beauty of Japanese landscapes and the country’s pulsating urban life, the spring/summer 2014 collection beguiles with its graphic black-and-white designs and intense colours. Bold jade and vibrant cobalt are at the focus of the collection, enriched by bright coral or hot pink in contrast to understated earthy and natural tones. Brightly coloured kimono designs are shown to their full advantage as prints on scarves.

The design of the booth aranges the new store-concept like the sequence of frames and neetly combined surfaces in a japanese imperial palace. Supplemented by the decoration with original japanese kimonos, fans, umbrellas and porzelan vases the theme “japan” becomes perceptible and invites the visitor into a beautiful athmosphere.