We Are Social is a global agency, focusing on social media communication. Social thinking is their approach to solving brand and business problems, it is about understanding social behavior and social insight to create world-class creative ideas and creative value before sharing their ideas on social media platforms and thus to create value for brands and their stakeholders.

The Munich branch is one of currently eleven subsidiaries, loosely spread around the globe. The 400 sqm sized space, located in the hip and feisty Glockenbachviertel between the city center and the Isar river, has been inhabited for more than five years and was in desperate need of a makeover. In addition to the physical condition, the lack of space for a growing team asked for structural changes paired with advanced social thinking. 

The L-Shaped plan was in a first step divided in two main areas, one for the team and a second one for administration and meeting spaces. Both areas were connected by a communal kitchen, the social hub. 

Entering through the main entrance which had been relocated to improve the sequence of spaces, the rather informal reception lobby reflects the social spirit, offering alternative options of lounging and casual work places, bridging over the administration office towards the two meeting rooms. This whole area, depending on time and occasion is meant to be gently populated, equally by staff and visitors, creating a sociable climate.  

The team-section was optimized and densified with a workbench layout which reflects the idea of a contemporary office layout and takes the usual turnover of employees’ presence and absence in consideration. Alternative workspaces with minimum disturbance are provided for individuals or small groups, close to the meeting area.  

As a hinge, the kitchen and bar connects both main areas and forms the social heart of the space and allowing the staff to take a rest from work, chat with colleagues or lunch with the team. The use of red MDF as the main material for the kitchen is not the only discreet hint towards the brand color of We Are Social… and as we all know, red goes fantastic with food.