Coming from the field of architecture and interior design, our scope has shifted more and more towards three dimensional brand communication in the recent years.

Therefore our studio positions itself on the edge between an architectural practice and an agency for brand communication. Our client focus is on upmarket brands in the sectors of consumer goods, retail and corporate environments. We consider brand architecture as a subject of corporate culture and a key interface between brand and customer.

More than its physical substance, a brand space is an expression of brand values und virtues. The success of every project is very much determined by the setup of an individual project structure as well as dealing carefully with the client´s needs. We identify these individual components, limiting factors and drivers to build a solid core that allows a deep common understanding of the project´s origins and objectives.

In order to inform the creative process, it takes analytical skills combined with visionary thinking. Our conceptual work evolves from a dense collage, made up from many layers of information, precisely arranged around the project core. By refining this collage step by step, we create a roadmap for the further creative work.

The conceptual process requires a high degree of openness towards exploring the boundaries of one´s field of expertise. It takes empathy to grasp the client´s aspiration and it takes the perception to understand what is the nature of the project task itself.

Once the project has reached the stage of design, the intellectual substance materializes. During this process it is most important to maintain the essential values of the concept without diluting them. Having learned that similar routes lead to similar results, we carefully consider appropriate forms of creation to meet the overall project objectives.